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Phase II archaeological testing was conducted on three sites (40HK5, 40KH6, and 40HK7) in conjunction with the proposed improvement of State Route 31 from Mountain Valley Road to north of Cantwell Valley Road in Hancock County, Tennessee. The testing was conducted from November 22, 1995 to January 22, 1996. As a result of this work, additional Phase II testing was recommended for two sites (40HK5 and 40HK6). The additional Phase II testing was conducted from February 7 to May 10, 1996. Archaeological investigations of a historic cemetery (40HK9) was conducted from June 24 to July 17, 1996. This work was undertaken by archaeologists from the Transportation Center at The University of Tennessee-Knoxville for Neel-Schaffer, Inc. (Neel-Schaffer Project Number 2-2558-04) and the Tennessee Department of Transportation (Tennessee Department of Transportation Project Number 34008-1218-04). Tennessee Division of Archaeology permit numbers for this project are 000222 and 000222R. Charles Bentz served as Archaeologist-in-General Charge, Spence Meyers was Archaeologist-in-Direct Charge, and the field and laboratory crews consisted of up to five technicians.

Sites 40HK5, 40HK6, 40HK7, and 40HK9 (Figures 1 and 2) were located during the Phase I survey for archaeological resources of the proposed State Route 31 corridor. The investigations were conducted by Garrow and Associates, Memphis, Tennessee in 1995 (McNutt 1995). Field notes, photographs, other records, and artifacts are curated temporarily by the Transportation Center at The University of Tennessee. The Tennessee Division of Archaeology will be the final curation facility.

Figure 1. Site 40HK5 on U.S.G.S. 7.5 minute Lee Valley (171-NW), Tennessee quadrangle.
Figure 2. Sites 40HK6, 40HK7, and 40HK9 on U.S.G.S. 7.5 minute Lee Valley (171-NW), Tennessee quadrangle.
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The Flat Gap Site (40HK5)
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Hancock County history
The Cool Branch Cemetery (40HK9)
Southern Appalachian Burial Customs

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